Behavior Smart Community for Tourism (BeST)


ERASMUS+ (co-funded by the European Union)


Foster knowledge exchange and accelerate the application of behavioral sciences for policies and practices in tourism


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💻 Webinar: Leveraging knowledge of human behaviour for more sustainable tourism

🗓️ When: 29th September at 15h CET

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👉 The unprecedented heatwaves and wildfires that Europe experiences this summer are clear manifestations of the climate crisis that is unfolding. In the tourism sphere, these events are likely to lead more and more people to reconsider how they travel and engage in tourist activities. In this context of unprecedented challenges, the tourism sector needs to find new ways to reinvent itself sustainably.

💡 In this webinar led by our project partners The Behavioural Insights Team, you’ll learn about human behaviour, the predictable irrationality of our choices and how this knowledge can help shape new models of tourism that are less impactful on the environment and on resident communities.

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This project was conceived during conversations with our collaborators about the knowledge gap that prevents tourism professionals from benefiting from the growing body of knowledge about human behavior. We designed this project together to overcome this gap through targeted efforts in three main directions. First, we are forming a virtual community of practitioners, experts and researchers interested in behavioural science and tourism who will form a critical mass of professionals interested in benefiting from the advances of behavioural science. Second, we are building a living knowledge hub with resources on applying behavioural insights to address different tourism sustainability challenges. Third, we are planning a series of webinars devoted to knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning about the application of behavioural science to tourism. You can learn more about the project from its website.