Being Realistic

BehaviorSMART™ means being realistic about how people really think, decide, and act in order to design optimal and effective business, sustainability, and learning solutions.


BehaviorSMART™ “translates” the recent advances in behavioral sciences into actionable solutions that can be applied to daily operations by professionals in tourism and sustainability.

  • Schenströmska Herrgården Mansion House about us

    Milena is a great professional to work with. She gave incredibly good tips that were very useful for the management of Schenströmska Herrgården mansion and changed our perspective. I found especially useful the smarter packaging that allowed us to offer our guests a better selection. I warmly recommend any hospitality business who wants to achieve more through new, smarter and fun tactics to hire Milena. She will give you amazing tools.

    • Sofia Granlund
    • Head of Sales
    • Schenströmska Herrgården Mansion House