The First Mile: Decarbonising the Tourism Value Chain in Scotland


Developing a structured and facilitated process to better address a company’s Scope 3 emissions in a destination, and creating a demonstration project to show how they might be reduced, through the joint effort of tour operators and the destination


In progress


Scotland is one of the absolute leaders in climate action across different sectors, including tourism. Scottish development agencies support a multitude of strategic efforts that aim to improve the carbon footprint of the tourism economy. Our strategic partner, The Travel Foundation, is actively engaged in many of the ongoing projects accelerating the net zero journey of tourism in Scotland. One of them, in which BehaviorSMART was involved, is a co-creation pilot project exploring the development of a practical sector framework for decarbonisation of the tourism value chain through joint efforts of the public and the private sector. The First Mile framework serves as a platform for mapping early-stage, low-investment and easy changes that can generate immediate improvements in the carbon footprint of the tourism economy and can engage a wider circle of stakeholders in the net zero journey. You can read more about these efforts in the article published by The Travel Foundation.