The First Mile Towards Climate Action

Implementing the First Mile™️ approach to support Finnish signatories of the Glasgow Declaration in initiating their first climate actions based on smart behaviour change making net zero non-negotiable.



To support the next zero journey of the signatories of the Glasgow Declaration in Finland through smart behaviour change techniques that makes net zero options non-negotiable.




More than 60 travel businesses, destination authorities (including Visit Finland) and tourism organizations in Finland have signed the The Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism. They constitute almost 10% of all signatories around the world making Finland a leader in climate action in tourism.

BehaviorSMART is a proud partner in the efforts of Visit Finland and the Finnish signatories of the Glasgow Declaration. In this project we employ our First Mile™️ approach based on a smart blend of knowledge about human behaviour and climate change mitigation and adaptation. The main goal is to support Glasgow signatories in identifying and executing First Mile™️ actions in ways that make climate-neutral or low carbon options the default options for travelers and clients, and optimize the carbon footprint of local supply chains.
In addition to activating an immediate progress forward, our work will provide in-depth understanding of the climate action needs of local signatories and provide the foundation for the development of a comprehensive roadmap at a later stage.