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The First Mile™

Behavior change can power smart progress towards sustainability that is efficient, low-investment and enables the later efforts. Focusing on the first mile of the journey makes operations smarter and more efficient but it also sets solid foundations…
Photo Credit: Anne NygårdPhoto Credit: Anne Nygård

Market Mentality

Understanding and adapting to shifts in markets and societies that will shape new opportunities for tourism destinations and businesses. The travel industry will look very different in 2025 than it did prior to 2020, but how do we reach 2025…
Photo credit: Markus Spiske/ UnsplashPhoto credit: Markus Spiske/ Unsplash

Sustainable by Design – Part 2: Making Sustainability Non-Negotiable (the solutions)

  With this 2-part article we take a look at how behavior-smart thinking can provide easy and low-investment solutions to help businesses, sites and attractions make sustainability a non-negotiable principle in their operations, rather…