Travel Companies

Travel Companies

BehaviorSMART™ thinking is a potent basis for the design of commercial and sustainability tactics for individual travel operators and service providers. Based on their goals behaviorally informed solutions can be used in areas such as optimizing product design, pricing, communications, and operations according to the likely behavioral patterns of clients. This can translate into more sales, more satisfied customers, and optimized footprint.

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Post-COVID-19 recovery – preparing for the post-COVID-19 traveler
COVID-19 has disrupted our industry’s realities and has challenged the business and operational models of every tourism company around the world. It is clear that entrepreneurs will have to prepare for a new customer with different desires, with some fears, and with different preferences. Post-COVID-19 travelers will be more careful and attentive to safety and wellbeing; they will want shared experiences with their close ones but will avoid unfamiliar crowds; they will seek to be outdoors but will want to have certain comforts. BehaviorSMART™ thinking can help you prepare by taking your team through the behavioral changes that will shape the preferences of post-COVID-19 travelers and in some of the following ways:

  • Design promotion and information that minimizes the sense of risk and prompts interest in visiting
  • Inform physical space and operational setups that strengthen the sense of safety without undermining pleasure
  • Identify technology solutions that make the experience seamless and safe
  • Incorporate necessary nudges that influence choices towards wellbeing and optimal experiences, etc.

BehaviorSMART™ pricing and promotion

Promotional content is designed to influence consumers in two ways – convey information and shape impressions. When we convey information, we seek to make our customers aware of the details around our offerings because you need to know that something exists in order to desire it. Once we have made potential customers aware, we seek to create the right impressions and perceptions that will directly influence the desirability of our offerings and the likelihood that they will buy.

In today’s attention economy targeted consumers are overwhelmed with information and deprived of time. Promotional information needs to be framed and presented in ways that account for the realistic information consumption patterns. It needs to deliver the right information and shape the desired impressions that eliminate barriers and increase motivation.

The effectiveness of promotional content and pricing information can be made easier to understand or process and more effective in impressing or engaging with small tweaks in the format, layout, coloring, or sequencing. BehaviorSMART™ thinking can help you optimize your promotion and pricing in some of the following ways:

  • BehaviorSMART™ optimization of promotional content
  • Transformation of pricing format and price information
  • Optimization of visual and multimedia content
  • Capacity building to equip the team to continue applying behavioral optimization to promotional activities in the long run

BehaviorSMART™ optimization of products and experiences

Travel experiences are all about capturing the heart and soul of clients and letting them return home with treasured memories. Being good at this is what makes a travel company a leader, and what ensures that your clients will be your most passionate marketers. Doesn’t it make sense then to design itineraries and develop new offerings based on the psychological principles underlying the activation of the five senses, emotional engagement, and memory creation?
Using the most current insights from behavioral sciences we can work together to behaviorally optimize your offerings and transform them into impactful experiences. We can also equip you and your team with the tools that will transform you into designers of memorable experiences in the future.

BehaviorSMART™ thinking can help you optimize your offerings in some of the following ways:

  • Adjust itinerary design to achieve experience optimization based on best practices from the psychology of the experience
  • Develop a toolset for designing impactful experiences to be used in the future
  • Train your team to apply the principles of experience design in product development and delivery

Making sustainability non-negotiable and behaviorally natural

There is no question that, despite (or perhaps because of) the dramatic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry is accepting that sustainability should be non-negotiable in its operations. Among the failures of the past and current models is the fact that their design ignores the natural patterns of behavior, which has made sustainability choices counterintuitive. Thanks to behavioral insights we can make sustainability naturally weaved in the experience in ways that make it non-negotiable and easier to adhere to for both your team members and clients.
We can optimize the footprint of your offerings as a whole or emphasize specific aspects of sustainability – minimizing waste, eliminating single-use plastics, limiting carbon footprint, increasing local economic impact, optimizing water or energy use, etc.

BehaviorSMART™ thinking can help you optimize the sustainability of your operations in some of the following ways:

  • Adjusting itinerary design to weave in sustainability as a non-negotiable principle of operation
  • Optimize sustainability performance in specific areas such as energy efficiency, eliminating plastics, increasing local buying, etc.
  • Equip the team with tactics that make sustainability non-negotiable in daily operations