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BehaviorSMART™ helps increase commercial effectiveness and strengthen sustainability performance based on how people really make decisions and respond to different tactics.

Behavioral optimization can be applied to pricing, promotional content, marketing strategy, and increase revenues for individual businesses and entire destinations. Sustainability efforts also can benefit greatly from behavior-smart thinking – aligning them with the natural patterns of behavior can ensure effective and effortless optimization.

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BehaviorSMART™ can support my sustainability efforts by helping me understand what barriers prevent people from making responsible choices and what incentives can nudge them to do so. This thinking can inform solutions that improve the footprint of travelers, the sustainability operations of businesses, and the impact management of entire destinations.

BehaviorSMART™ solutions can address water and electricity consumption, single-use plastics, waste, local spending, and many other sustainability challenges faced by individual businesses and destinations.

In the most current context, behavioral thinking is used to inform decisions about post-COVID-19 recovery. Based on knowledge about human emotions, perceptions and behavior triggers we can employ space design, technology solutions, and nudges in redesigning the traveler experience in ways that prioritize wellbeing and safety but enable activation of the tourism economy.

BehaviorSMART™ can support my market success by making sure I am realistic about the likely decision-making process when a traveler is looking at a holiday offer and the factors that influence their experience during and after the trip. This awareness helps business decisions such as how to present price information, what should be the order of the available options, where should add-ons be listed, what images should accompany the text, etc. It also helps make promotional content behaviorally optimized and facilitates the buying journey.

Insights from psychology can be very powerful in product design too. Knowing what makes travelers connect with the place and the people, or understanding how experiences turn into treasured memories can help shape itineraries, products, and services that surpass expectations.

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BehaviorSMART™ solutions can optimize destination management efforts by activating behavioral thinking across the different strategic areas of destination leadership, including promotional efforts.

BehaviorSMART Destination Service Option #1 – case – ATTA 

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BehaviorSMART Destination Service Option #3  – Vastmanland

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Travel Companies

BehaviorSMART™ thinking is a potent basis for the design of commercial and sustainability tactics for individual travel operators and service providers.

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