Supporting Rewilding Rhodopes (member of the Rewilding Europe network)

Serving on the Management Board of the Rewilding Rhodopes Foundation leading the rewilding efforts in the Eastern Rhodope mountain region



Contribute to the success of the efforts of Rewilding Rhodopes to develop sustainable initiatives which promote and combine nature conservation, green business and education.


In progress


BehaviorSMART’s co-founder Milena Nikolova has joined the Management Board of Rewilding Rhodopes, which is a member of the Rewilding Europe network leading rewilding efforts throughout the Old Continent. Bringing her expertise in tourism, sustainability and human behaviour Milena offers in-kind support to the efforts of Rewilding Rhodopes to bring a new conservation vision for Bulgaria, with wild nature and natural processes as its key elements, where rewilding is applicable to any type of landscape or level of protection.
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