The First Mile: Making progress on the regenerative tourism journey in the Nordics


Icelandic Tourism Cluster/ NorReg: A Platform for Nordic Regenerative Tourism (with financing from the Nordic Council of Ministers)


Support Nordic businesses in making tangible contributions to the sustainability and regeneration of their destinations



One of the regions reported their progress and  impact of our behavioral tactics – you can watch here three videos and read about their goals, expectations and outcomes:


NorReg: A Platform for Nordic Regenerative Tourism is a program supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and executed across several Nordic countries: Iceland, Sweden, Norway, The Faroe Islands and Greenland. The aim of the project is to create relevant tools for the development of truly sustainable and regenerative tourism practices in regional destinations focused on outdoor, nature-based and adventure tourism. The First Mile component designed and delivered by BehaviorSMART involves developing behavior change solutions that help Nordic businesses advance their transition towards regenerative tourism practices. The effort involves identifying change tactics that make sustainable and regenerative options the most likely choice among travelers, including increasing local buying, spreading visitation across a wider range of attractions, eliminating waste, etc. Tactics are tested by pilot businesses before being spread to the tourism sector across the Nordics.