The Netherlands Climate Action Planning Capacity Building Programme

Supporting frontrunner destinations in the Netherlands in employing First Mile techniques as part of the crafting of their climate action plans



Identify First Mile actions that can help four frontrunner destinations in kickstarting their climate action journey based on smart behaviour chang




In this project BehaviorSMART supports the efforts of The Travel Foundation, which has partnered with the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) and works with four destinations in the Netherlands to support their climate action development. The overall program is designed to facilitate the climate action planning process and to build the capacity of the destination teams to execute and progress with their net zero journey in the future.

BehaviorSMART’s role is to support the overall effort by providing guidance on how behaviour change works and what techniques are relevant when engaging different destination audiences in climate action. Emphasis is placed on smart and easy behavior changes (First Mile actions) that help kickstart the net zero journey.