BehaviorSMART in the Media

Below you can find some of the most recent articles and quotes by the BehaviorSMART team in global media.

Adventure Travel News
Lugano, Switzerland Announced as 2022 Adventure Travel World Summit Host Destination (July, 2021)

…”In addition to this, Ticino’s Sustainability manager, Veronica Lafranchi commented: “By seeing where the world is going and by getting inspiration at ATWS in Goteborg and Milena Nikolova’s session on Behaviour-Smart Thinking, we at Ticino Tourism Board also decided to propose that this 2022 ATWS is an entirely vegetarian summit, with the aim of showing that changes are possible. It’s just a matter of will and breaking old habits.””…

The creative experiences indulging our nostalgia for planes (April, 2021)

…”Milena Nikolova, author of Behavioural Economics for Tourism, sees these new experiences as a clever way to keep brands alive and top of mind. “A crisis is actually a good time to be super smart about your marketing and maintain visibility,” she says. “By finding a creative way to adapt, these airlines can work on their brand identity, which is going to be important when the market recovers because the competition will be fierce.”…

Adventure Travel News
AdventureELEVATE in Europe Brought the Adventure Community Together for Inspiration & Business Resilience (April, 2021)

…”The close was delivered by Milena Nikolova who talked about spendshift and talked about cost flipping — a behavioral strategy involving the repurposing of funds from handling undesired costs to preventing undesired behaviors altogether.”…

Connecting With Casual Travelers: Out-of-the-Box Collaborations the Tourism Industry Must Consider (March, 2021)

…”Second, we know that people don’t act in logical ways. BehaviorSMART founder Milena Nikolova, an expert in behavioral economics in tourism contexts, has made it clear that people don’t necessarily think, act, or make decisions the way they say they will or that we think they will. Knowing this, we can not simply suggest to people that they act in a more responsible way and expect it to happen.”…

City Nation Place
Four big challenges we face in 2021 to Build Back Better (March, 2021)

We’d also like to thank the five Roots to Recovery external advisors who donated their time and considerable expertise to support the project:

  • Milena Nikolova, Behavioral Expert and Founder, BehaviourSMART
  • Talia Salem, Principal, The Urban Nomad
  • Anna Barrera, Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Consultant, A2B Consulting
  • Julie Klein, Principal, Confluence Sustainability
  • Natasha Martin, Founder, Good Tourism
ITB Berlin (ITB NOW)
Recovery through Happiness. Can a Human-Centred Approach Reinvent Travel on its Way to Recovery (March 2021)

This talk will engage the audience in exploring how behavior-smart thinking can help tourism businesses accelerate recovery and adopt a new mission – making people and societies healthier and happier. Hands-on examples will demonstrate that while this is a big idea, every business can contribute through easy-to-apply solutions that make them more human happiness-centred than ever before.

How will High-net-worth individuals (HNWIS) travel post-pandemic? (August, 2020)

…”Travel consumer behaviour expert Milena Nikolova makes a similar point about the need for hygiene, but suggests that if “it’s too obvious or in their face, it’s going to have a negative impact. There are going to be some smart, innovative techniques to find the balance, and this is even more crucial for HNWIs.” .. “We are going to see a rise of experiences that are luxury in their essence but also in their very nature,” explains Nikolova”….

Event Point International
Interview: Destinations Which React The Fastest Will Be Stronger After The Crisis (June-Nov, 2020)

…”Traveler behavior will be impacted significantly. Obviously, different segments will respond differently and will change in different ways but there are a few characteristics of the post-COVID-19 traveller that we can expect will apply to the majority of the consumers.”….

Adventure Travel News
Behavior Smart: Understanding How People Think — and Applying It to Adventure Travel (October, 2019)

“The human brain is never more surprising than when making a decision. It often makes choices that run counter to what seems like “good ideas.” It’s influenced by biases deep below the surface, biases that remain dormant until context or circumstances wake them up. Not necessarily the agent of free will we tend to believe it is, the brain can be nudged in invisible ways to make irrational moves — or brilliant ones. This was the backdrop to the fascinating presentation at Adventure Travel World Summit 2019 by behavioral researcher and the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s (ATTA) director of knowledge and AdventureEDU, Milena Nikolova. “….