Welcome to The First Mile Lab for Businesses. 

This interactive program is designed to enable the application of behavior-smart tactics in the context of the sustainability and net zero efforts of your company. By design this is a lab so it will combine presentation of new knowledge with hands-on sessions during which we will discuss specific challenges and opportunities associated with the application of First Mile techniques to your business. 

The First Mile Lab for Businesses is designed to lead to the following learning outcomes:

  • provide deeper understanding about behavior-smart approaches and their application to sustainability and net zero efforts
  • hearn how to prepare and apply First Mile tactics to communications, product/ service design, pricing, staff training
  • prepare an action map for a pilot First Mile effort for your company

The Course Journey

This course is designed as an engaging and dynamic enabling journey. Its focus is on hands-on knowledge and practical ability to execute First Mile tactics. 

The First Mile Lab for Businesses is organized in three modules that will be covered over four weeks. Access to each module will be available upon completion of the preceding one. You will have some preparatory and follow up readings and multimedia resources the majority of which are recommended. There are a few required resources, which are clearly marked as necessary for your learning journey. Between module 2 and 3 there will be a take-home task. You will receive guidelines for it at the end of session 2. 

Each module will be recorded so you will receive access to the recording and the slides and handouts used during the session. We will use visual recording so you will receive a copy of the visualization as part of the course materials.  

About The First Mile™

The First Mile(™) approach is powered by knowledge about human behavior. Based on realistic understanding about how people perceive, decide and act on sustainability and climate, First Mile(™) tactics enable desired change. They can be applied to the design of offerings in ways that makes sustainability part of the experience or in ways that makes it the more appealing option; applied to communication and information presentation First Mile approaches can nudge preference for responsible options. Pricing in itself is a powerful determinant of buyer behavior so behavior-smart pricing can be a powerful tool in driving choice for responsible offerings.

You can read more about The First Mile(™) in this article from our blog. 

You might also enjoy some of these pieces that discuss the benefits of behavior-smart approaches to sustainability: 

The Price is Right

Sustainable by Design – Part 1: A Story

Sustainable by Design – Part 2: Making Sustainability Non-Negotiable (The Solutions)

NB! Please note that the course content will not include a basic introduction of behavior-smart thinking and behavioral economics as it assumes that participants have some familiarity with the topic. If this is your first exposure to the topic, you can go through this free introduction of behavioral thinking for tourism. The video along with the articles above will give you sufficient background to start with the topics that will be covered in The First Mile Lab for Businesses. You might also enjoy some of the recommended resources in this section. 

Recommended Resources

Behavioral Economics & Tourism

Behavioral Economics: Getting service providers and travellers to choose sustainable options (WTTC x Harvard Insights Note) 

Towards Sustainability: A Nudge at a Time (TEDxAUBG talk) 

Behavioral Economics (General)

A Brief History of Nudge – Learn the power of nudge to win at behavioral change

Dan Ariely: How to change your behavior for the better (TED Salon: Brightline Initiative)

Erez Yoeli: How to motivate people to do good for others (TEDxCambridge)