FIRST MILE: Supporting tourism SMEs in walking the first mile

This project will support 80 SMEs across four countries in improving their sustainability footprint through innovative behaviour change techniques


Single Market Programme (SMP COSME)

Implementing Partners



Support tourism SMEs in completing the First Mile of their sustainability journey through the application of behaviour-smart tactics, and monitor their sustainability performance.


In progress

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The main objective of this project is to employ insights from behavioural sciences in ways that accelerate the post-COVID-19 recovery of tourism SMEs and advance their sustainability performance. The FIRST MILE ™️ stands for the immediate actions that tourism SMEs can take with very low investments but with real progress on their journey towards sustainability and net zero goals. By focusing on tactics that help introduce easy changes in human behaviour (of travelers and tourism workers) SMEs can improve the footprint of their operations now and with what they have.

The building blocks of the project are capacity building, re-skilling and up-skilling actions including formal training, learning-by-doing, hands-on coaching and facilitated exchange of experience. 80 tourism SME-s from France, Italy, Norway and Slovenia will also receive financial support to apply FIRST MILE TM ️ actions designed by BehaviorSMART and its partners based on a careful study of needs.