beSMART Platform*

*beSMART exists as a prototype and is under development.

Elements of the platform are Supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs, Bulgaria Programme from Innovation Norway.

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Green Tourism Platform for Behavior-Smart Adoption of Tech-Based Sustainability Solutions

Develop a market-ready portfolio of behavior-smart journeys that leads travel businesses and destinations through an intuitive process of adopting smart greening solutions. The portfolio will be plugged into the BeSMART platform technology for operations.




The idea behind the Green Tourism Platform for Behavior-Smart Adoption of Tech-Based Sustainability Solutions evolved into a larger project that enables tourism companies and destinations to become more sustainable in their operations by making changes at two levels:

  • applying behavior change tactics to help improve their sustainability performance
  • adopting technology tools that optimise sustainability measurement and performance

The two levels will constitute what we now call the BeSMART Platform – a digital оne-stop-shop for tourism companies and destinations to advance their sustainability performance based on smart behavior change and existing technology solutions.

The platform will help companies and destinations track sustainability improvements and the greening effect of the applied behavior change tactics and technology solutions.

This current project consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Research & Categorisation

Comprehensive research to map existing technology-based solutions designed to measure and/ or improve the sustainability (green) performance of tourism companies and destinations.

Step 2: Develop Journeys

Based on the collection of solutions, the project team will develop the adoption journeys for each of the solutions. These journeys will be a step-by-step process that businesses will follow on the platform.

Step 3: Test & Adapt

Pilot test a subset of the solutions and behavioral journeys with the Norwegian partner Up Norway and their local partners, representing the different stakeholder groups.

Step 4: Market-ready product

Digitalise the portfolio of all technology tools and their adoption journeys to prepare for migration onto the platform infrastructure. Within the Innovation Norway grant, the migration will be at a beta-website which will be ready for use through the promotional webpage & and the short promotional videos.

The project will be implemented from September, 2022 – October, 2023

About the project partner

The project partner, Up Norway, is a Norwegian tour operator providing high-end sustainable travel experiences in Norway. Up Norway serves independent travelers who are interested in curated self-managed trips, which are designed by the company experts and facilitated through the company AI-based platform.