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Arrivals: How to meet the travel expectations of Gen Z

The tourism industry is facing a double reckoning; its carbon footprint, and a generational shift in travel behavior. As they prioritise travel spending, Gen Z are expanding their horizons and exerting their cultural influence and expectations on the tourism and leisure sector. According to a Pew Research survey, Gen Z are the most active generation […]

One and all: How to drive behaviour change and make every traveller the ‘right’ traveller

Changing tourism behaviour can feel like a mountain to climb; especially when faced with ambitious sustainable development goals. Where do you begin? In our first article about The ‘Right’ Traveller, we debunked some myths; revealing why pursuing this segment alone cannot deliver the transformational change needed to drive sustainable tourism economies. Because while there are […]

Who is the ‘Right’ Traveller?

Recently, it has come to our attention that those of us developing our destinations, businesses and travel products to be more sustainable are seeking an elusive traveller. One which demonstrates awareness of their environmental impact, and is willing to pay more for a lighter, lower carbon, footprint. Moreover, they carry a whole array of reusable […]

5 Travel Behaviours we expect to see in 2023

Last year was one of highs and lows for the tourism industry. Full of optimism for the post-pandemic travel boom, but plagued by wide-scale disruption and uncertainty as the sector scrabbled to adjust after a two-year hiatus. But while there are still plenty of lessons to learn and service improvements to make, the great travel […]

Why we need travel tech to step up and tackle the intention-action gap

Recent research consistently reveals travellers want sustainable tourism, and that their appetite for it is growing; 40% of travellers wanted to make more sustainable choices than they did a year ago, and 69% view sustainable tourism as a means of reducing their environmental impact. But, after two years of lockdowns, which prevented the world’s populations […]

The path of least resistance: Three tourism initiatives that promote sustainable travel behaviour

A UN report launched to mark 2022’s World Tourism Day in September focused on the opportunity to rethink tourism in the wake of the pandemic, acknowledging the transformational power the sector has ‘to drive recovery and influence positive change for people everywhere.’ In a message to mark the day, the UN Secretary-General Antonia Guterres called […]