Understanding the post-COVID-19 Traveler


Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)


Produce a webinar synthesizing the dramatic shifts in traveler behavior as result of the COVID-19 pandemic




The COVID-19 pandemic came unexpectedly for the travel industry causing dramatic shocks across the global travel sector. As a leading voice of the global outdoors and adventure tourism segment the Adventure Travel Trade Association took on the responsibility to curate and present tourism businesses and destinations within its family with insights and analyses that helped make sense of the crisis. Just a couple of months into the pandemic ATTA was interested in how the crisis is likely to change the behavior of travelers and how that will transform the travel business. We developed a detailed analysis of trends that are likely to shape the behaviors of the post-COVID-19 traveler. This specialized content was used in a series of ATTA webinars and different industry talks outlining the post-crisis market dynamics.